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Larry Ratliff
Larry Ratliff is a public speaker, humorist and award-winning film critic

Public speaker, comedian, author and award-winning film critic Larry Ratliff is called “The Jalapeño Guy” because for decades he rated movies on a scale of one-to-four jalapeños.

Ratliff performs stand-up comedy and lectures about the magic of movies and life with his Movie Memories with Larry Ratliff classic film presentation series.  His book of humorous essays titled “Did I Write That Out Loud?” is available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.  He also writes for and maintains his popular website, LarryRatliff.com and serves as an adviser and mentor to journalism and broadcast students at Richland College in Dallas.

From January 1996 until January 2009, Ratliff served as film critic and movie feature writer for the San Antonio Express-News newspaper. He has also written several lifestyle columns for the Dallas Morning News.

For over three years, his movie reviews and interviews were syndicated to 210 NBC network TV affiliates in the United States and 15 foreign countries.

Ratliff's comments have been quoted in movie ads in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, as well as in other newspapers nationwide. His comments have also appeared on video boxes across the United States and beyond.

Ratliff was a founding, charter member of the Society of Texas Film Critics and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association. Ratliff has covered the Academy Awards on several occasions; twice for newspapers and once reporting live for NBC to over 40 network TV affiliates across the United States.

A professional film critic since 1983, Ratliff grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth-area city of Grand Prairie. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas. He holds a BA degree in Speech with an emphasis on Radio, TV and Film with a minor in Journalism. Early in his career, Ratliff worked as a radio disc jockey, a radio and TV news reporter and anchorman and as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer.

In addition, he founded Radio Free Ratliff, a daily radio feature of movie and video reviews, previews and interviews that was syndicated to radio stations in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Larry has a passion for making people laugh, good movies and the power of written and spoken words.


Making people laugh as a stand-up comedian, good movies, creative movies with bold unique vision, movies without the dreaded S-word (sequel), movies that take me some place I've never been before, well-acted movies and golf.


What's the speaking fee?

Several factors come into play when it comes to the speaking fee; size of the audience or group, whether travel is involved, etc.  The best solution is to take less than a minute filling out our contact form. We'll respond promptly with our fee.

What is the average presentation length?

Presentations usually last about an hour, but the time can be adjusted (longer or shorter) to fit the event's schedule.

What equipment is needed?

None, really.  Movie Memories arrives self-contained with all the equipment needed. If you have a good-sized screen and a sound system, however, Larry will probably use them along with his projector and sound system.

Movie memories are forever. And laughter really is great medicine.  So, don't delay, book Larry today for your upcoming corporate, group, educational or club event.


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Movie Memories Update

If I'm lion, you dirty rats are dyin'

Must-have items on today's shopping list:  Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream (half gallon now only $8.99!), a big ol' bag of Halloween candy and mountain lion urine.

What, you're shocked?

Courtesy: wildlifecontrolsupplies.com

Me, too.  I can remember when a half gallon of Blue Bell was $2.99, or on sale for 3-for-$5.  That's at least a dollar less than what they're getting for a pint now.  If my math is right, there are four pints in a half gallon.  Shouldn't a pint be about $2.25?  Of course not.  That would make too much sense, and, apparently, way too little cents.


What, that's not what shocked you?  Must be the Halloween candy.  The best bargain in town this week has to be leftover Halloween candy.  One of those giant gut-buster bags of bite-sized morsels such as BabyRuths, Whoppers, KitKats and Butterfingers, my personal favorite, are marked down to half-price now.  That means only 25 or 30 bucks a bag.


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