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02 May 2019

Crimes and Mister Meanies

You're probably familiar with the current crop of #Me Too movement suspects and convicted perpetrators. 

Cosby300To mention just a few:  Major indie studio movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's trial for alleged sexual abuses of dozens of female complainants is coming up soon.  Excellent actor Kevin Spacey, facing charges for allegedly groping a teenage boy, has seen his "House of Cards" crumble.  And, sadly, Bill Cosby, formerly known as "America's Dad," is doing 3-to-10 in the slammer after being convicted on three counts of sexual assault.

What about those I'm calling the #Them Too perps?  I had a great time over at HarborChase of the Park Cities retirement community (in the Dallas area) recently with my Movie Memories presentation titled "Hollywood's Hot Movie Scandals."

Fatty293Notorious scandals in Tinsel Town are nothing new.  In fact, the first movie star dragged through the sex scandal accusation mud was silent movie star Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Hollywood's highest paid actor in 1921.

Was he responsible for the death of a woman named Virginia Rappe, who died four days after allegedly spending time with Arbuckle in a hotel room during a party in San Francisco?

Arbuckle was tried three times for manslaughter in relation to Rappe's death, not to mention being convicted in the Court of Public Opinion, which ruined his career.  Was he guilty?  We get more into that in my Movie Memories presentation.

And it wasn't just Arbuckle.  There are other matters to discuss.  Was sizzling starlet Lana Turner a murderess?  Why was Casablanca co-star Ingrid Bergman denounced on the floor of the U.S. Senate?

And what about the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe?  Did the Some Like It Hot sex symbol who sang a breathy Happy Birthday wish to president John F. Kennedy in May 1962 and died of a controversial "suicide" that August really take her own life?

These are all fascinating issues we dig into in the "Hollywood's Hot Movie Scandals" presentation.  Call 972-596-9157 to book that one or any of the other Movie Memories presentations for your group today.


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