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02 November 2018

Oh I see, your holiday event is coming up soon

Onions300I can't read your mind or anything, but I'm guessing you're looking for something a little different for your office, corporate or facility holiday gathering this year.

Well, look no further.  I have two suggestions for you, and they both just happen to involve, ahem, me.

For those who may not know, I'm Larry Ratliff, public speaker, comedian, author and nationally known, award-winning film critic.  I've spent almost 40 years traveling the world interviewing world-class movie stars and celebrities.

You want behind-the-scene stories?  Wait tell you hear about the time I thought I was about to make a really special deal on a Rolex watch in New York's Central Park, or the time former NFL quarterback and current Fox Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw woke up from a nap in first class on an airplane and I was -- OK, I'll just say it -- straddling him. There was no wrongdoing on my part, just bad timing.  You probably need to hear the full story to understand, though.

Your group might also really enjoy my "Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays:  Great Holiday Movies" presentation.  It's a combination of Christmas classic movie clips with behind-the-scene Hollywood insight and tales of Christmases past sure to entertain your group and inspire and touch hearts along the way.

See what I mean?  Don't delay, call 972-596-9157 to book your holiday party speaker/entertainment before all the best dates are taken. 


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