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02 October 2018

Hooray/Son-of-a-!! -- Passing milestones, kidney stones

It's been quite a week around Movie Memories headquarters.  How often, for instance, does one pass a milestone and a kidney stone in the same day?

Not me and not the actual kidney stone, but it sure felt about that big. (Courtesy: www.pinterest)

Let's get the kidney stone out of the way first.  OK, it wasn't quite as huge as the photo you see, but it sure felt like it.  When did it happen, you ask?  Well, remember the other day when:

your cat jumped straight up and all its hair was standing on end,

when the dog's ears suddenly shot up and he began howling,

when you felt the Earth move a little bit under you,

when all the car alarms in the neighborhood were going off?

That was when.

Now, for the milestone.  I am very happy to report that for the first time in the history of Movie Memories with Larry Ratliff, I have bookings three days in a row.  I've done two days in a row a few times; most recently in Chicago in August.

But three?  Wow, thanks everyone, especially these folks:

On Nov. 10 I'll be returning to HarborChase of the Park Cities in Dallas for my "Hollywood's Great Romantic Scenes" presentation, featuring films like Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life and On Golden Pond.

I'll be setting up shop at Highland Springs Retirement Community in North Dallas on Nov. 11.  We'll honor veterans and their spouses on Veterans Day with my "A Salute to the Great War Movies" presentation.

On Nov. 12 it's off to Fort Worth to Trinity Terrace Life Plan Community  for a reprise of "A Salute to the Great War Movies," honoring the outstanding cinematic merits of George C. Scott in the title role as George S. Patton Jr. in Patton and Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan, among others.

As the Movie Memories calendar continues to fill up for the holiday season, look for a performance near you, or book your group's choice of presentations at 214-364-7364. 

The way things are going, it looks like we'll just be a kidney stone's throw away. 


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