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27 August 2018

Savoring Covenant Retirement Community memories

John and Ellie Milton with You Know Who

Be grumpy and/or glum about politics, the tragedies on the local newscasts almost every night and things going wrong at work or around the house if you want.

 I, on the other hand, am in the mood to celebrate.

Recently back from my Movie Memories with Larry Ratliff swing through the Chicago area, I'm savoring the fact that I was lucky enough to meet scores of very nice people, make some new friends and enjoy the best chicken salad sandwich of my life.

At Covenant Village of Northbrook, my first senior community stop, I was welcomed warmly by sales director Darlene Murphy and her staff.  They made sure my accommodations were comfortable and the equipment was ready to go for my "All the President Men" presentation the next afternoon. 

Darlene was also kind enough to arrange for me to join three Covenant Village residents for dinner in the dining room.  John and Ellie Milton were a delight, as was Dorothy "Doe" Balch.  We discussed  their families and interests, my family, background and career over a delightful meal.  That's John and Ellie, a most interesting couple, in the picture taken after my presentation.

Talking "President Men" at Covenant Village of Northbrook"

Over at the Windsor Park community in Carol Stream (near Chicago) the next day, Janet Cannon, sales director, and her assistant Liz Silva were waiting with more welcoming Covenant Communities' hospitality.  The Windsor Park folks had chosen the presentation "A Salute to the Great War Movies" from the list of Movie Memories topics.

We had a terrific time honoring our veterans and their spouses in the audience.  It was another enjoyable day of meeting extremely interesting residents, including Natalia, who told me about her former career as a costume designer in the Russian film industry.  I enjoyed meeting others when signing copies of my book, "Did I Write That Out Loud?"

We ended that presentation with the late, great Johnny Cash signing the "Song of the Patriot."

Needing to get to the airport for the flight home, I was running a little late.  I had just enough time to stop off in Windsor Park's London Grille.   Boy am I glad I did.  The gentleman at the grill fixed me the best chicken salad sandwich I've ever had; about an inch thick and full of delicious chicken chunks.

So thanks to all the Covenant Retirement Communities folks for inviting me to Chicago and for welcoming me and assisting me so well.  That includes Marisa Crean, senior marketing project manager, Randy Eilts, director of public relations & communications and everyone at Covenant Village of Northbrook and Windsor Park.

On the way to the airport I was thinking about how much the audience seemed to enjoy the "Song of the Patriot" sung by Johnny Cash, especially the lady who came up to thank me for including it.

Maybe you will like it, too.  It goes something like this:



Thank you so much for your kind words, Cynthia. -- Larry

Larry, What a great piece you presented online today. You are a wonderful person.

You are changing lives for the better for all of us. You truly are a gem to those who might otherwise may not be remembered or thought of. You are a genius.
What a contribution to society to uplift us all.

Kind regards in all admiration for your talent,
Cynthia Lucas
Dallas, Texas

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