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28 October 2016

Coming attraction: The Movie Memories Film Fest

"Young @ Heart" (Courtesy: imdb.com)

Remember movies?

You know, the good ones.

The ones that moved you so much that you didn't just suggest to friends and family that they go see them, but the ones so good you actually gathered up a carload and took them to the movie house yourself just to see the look on their faces when something that can only be described as magical unfolded on screen.

Films like Moonstruck, featuring Cher's finest performance on screen; a best actress Oscar-winning turn as a not-so-young woman about to marry the wrong guy, but maybe not in 1987.

Or Young @ Heart (2007), a moving gem of a musical documentary about a chorus of rock 'n' roll singing seniors.  Trust me, you have to see this amazing film to believe how much it will fill your ears with music and your heart with joy.  These folks aren't ready to spend their golden years sedately in rockers.  They are rockers!

The Movie Memories Film Fest, which I hope will become an annual event in San Antonio, Dallas and perhaps other cities, will be a month-long, four-movie cinematic adventure.  One night or afternoon each week, we'll gather at a movie theater.  I'll introduce the film and explain why it was chosen as something worthy of our time. 

I can't do it alone, though.  I need a sponsor or two to step up to help make this rare opportunity to share cinematic magic with a theater full of friends and strangers, my "carload," if you will, happen.

So, what do you say?  Does this sound like something you would attend?


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