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04 August 2016

Jones: A career reborn in 'Bourne'

Tommy Lee Jones in "Jason Bourne." (Courtesy: www.google.com)

It's good to see Tommy Lee Jones back on the big screen in a big way in Jason Bourne.

San Antonio's resident Academy Award winner (The Fugitive, 1993) stars opposite Matt Damon's title character as CIA Director Robert Dewey in the fifth installment of the Bourne action-spy-thrillers.

It's also worth noting that Jason Bourne marks a homecoming for Damon in the series.  He last fought memory loss and a steady stream of bad hombres in The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007.

Jeremy Renner took the lead in The Bourne Legacy in 2012.

As for Jones, the finest actor of his generation in my semi-humble opinion has been busier than Jason Bourne in a shotgun-toting car chase lately.  Jones co-starred with Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman in Criminal, an action-crime-drama, in April and is scheduled to light up the screen again later this month.

In Mechanic: Resurrection, opening Aug. 26, Jones shares the screen with title star Jason Statham and Jessica Alba in yet another fast-paced, do-or-die  action-crime-thriller.

Looking for a cinematic experience with verbiage as firepower?

(Courtesy: www.google.com)

If you're a Woody Allen fan, as I am (of his movies, not so much the guy these days), might I suggest Café Society, which is now playing at select bijous?

Written and directed by Allen, of course, Café Society is an ensemble drama with comedy (or the other way around).

It teams Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell, Parker Posey and more talented actors.

Perhaps you've wondered what Allen would do with this scenario:

The 1930s.  A young man from the Bronx (Eisenberg) travels to Hollywood to visit his show business agent uncle (Carell) and gets pulled into the wild Hollywood scene.

Oh yes, there's a girl (Stewart)

See you at the movies!



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