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19 July 2016

Hail to and from the cinematic chiefs

(Courtesy: google.com)

As the 2016 presidential season heats up, or boils over as some have already suggested, I like to summon up my source of presidential history and, in many cases, harrumphing.

That would be the movies, my friends, our little semi-reality and/or escape from same known as fiction.

Or in the case of movies "based on true events," fiction.

One of my favorite Movie Memories with Larry Ratliff presentations, All the President Men, does just that.  In about an hour, we take a look at the great Walter Huston in the title role as Abraham Lincoln circa 1930 and move on to Henry Fonda as a younger Honest Abe in Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) before branching out to other actors who have portrayed our president.

Accomplished actors who have occupied the cinematic White House include Anthony Hopkins (twice, in fact), Harrison Ford, of course, in Air Force One (1997) and Michael Douglas in The American President (1995), one of my lighter, romantic favorites involving our commander and chief.

Kelsey Grammer as President Andrew Boone (Courtesy: google.com)

Did you know, though, that Kelsey Grammer, John Travolta and Jack Nicholson have also portrayed the U.S. president on the big screen?

We'll save those movie titles for the actual Movie Memories presentation, which combines my behind-the-scenes comments on the actors involved with movie clips. 

If your facility or group, corporate or otherwise, is looking for unique entertainment to compliment the long, volatile, race-for-the-White House season with some lighthearted fun and facts, contact us here at Movie Memories by going to our website or calling 214-364-7364.

Just so you know:  Movie Memories has not sold out to those Wall Street bigwig financial power players who like to throw money around in exchange for control, even though we begged them to take us on.

And, by the way

If you're curious about what goes on at a Movie Memories presentation, they go something like this:


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