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27 April 2016

Ferrell the presumptive nominee to swear in as Reagan on the big screen

Mr. Ferrell, pull off that role as Ronald Reagan. (Courtesy: gettyimages.com)

Well, according to a post on the Hollywood Reporter website, Will Ferrell will soon portray former President Ronald Reagan on the big screen.

Many of us remember Ferrell knocking down a pretty mean George W. Bush in numerous Saturday Night Live skits.

But for a sustained length of time in a feature-length movie titled Reagan?

As the late 40th president of the United States might say, "Well."

Despite a steady stream of his often-moronic movie roles (Anchorman, Step Brothers, etc.), Ferrell is quite capable of pulling off a more serious near-dramatic character, as he did extremely well in Stranger Than Fiction in 2006. 

No director is even attached to Reagan at the moment, but judging from this info posted in the Hollywood Reporter story, a less-than-presidential approach appears to be the case with Reagan.

“When Ronald Reagan falls into dementia at the start of his second term, an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the Commander-In-Chief that he is an actor playing the President in a movie.”

As of yet, no cinematic inaugural date has been set.

Let's get presidential

Speaking of politics, as I rarely do in this space unless it is movie-related, some very interesting actors have portrayed U.S. presidents in feature films over the years.  There's Harrison Ford in Air Force One, of course, and Kevin Kline in the superb, yet underrated Dave.

Courtesy: Warner Home Video

Anthony Hopkins has the distinction of playing two real-life presidents so far during his career.  One was as the title character in Nixon.

I'm afraid to find out the 411 on the other president Hopkins portrayed, you'll need to either look it up or, better yet, attend one of my All the President Men Movie Memories presentations.  

I'm looking forward to performing the All the President Men presentation in Dallas on presidential election night, Nov. 8.  What a hoot that will be.

If you would like to book the All the President Men presentation for your group or corporate event during this heated, quirky presidential campaign season, just click this link to our Contact page, or call 214-364-7364 for availability and speaking fees.






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