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07 May 2013

'G.I. Joe' writers up in arms

Joe275rI am shocked, shocked to hear that two of the writers from "G.I. Joe:  The Rise of Cobra" (2009) have filed a lack-of-payment lawsuit against not only major players in Hollywood, but a toymaker as well.

Why am I so shocked?  It has nothing to do with the lawsuit, really.  It's this:

The "G.I. Joe" flick actually had writers?

Yeah, huh.  Hard to believe, I know.  But, according to the Hollywood Reporter piece written by Eriq Gardner:

"The two writers (David Elliot and Paul Lovett) say that shortly after the premiere of the 2009 film, the defendant film companies asked them to present plot-lines, themes, characters and more for a potential sequel "with the stated intent that the PDH Defendants would hire Plaintiffs to write the screenplay if they liked Plaintiffs' proposed Sequel.

"Elliot and Lovett said that they did just that, and now after seeing their work allegedly taken without credit, they are seeking more than $23 million in damages for copyright infringement and breach of implied contract."

("G.I. Joe" poster courtesy:  Paramount Pictures)


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