Our 'Casablanca' is your 'Casablanca'

I'm so honored to be joining Texas Public Radio's Nathan Cone for TPR's very special Cinema Tuesdays screening of Casablanca May 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Santikos' Palladium Theater (17703 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78257). The event is virtually a sellout, but a few tickets may be... Read more


Putting on a funny face; I'm a stand-up guy

Laughlogo220Sure, I'm a stand-up guy.  A stand-up comedian guy, that is.

Some people know and some don't that before I launched my movie critic career I worked as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer (and waiter and cab driver and bartender and bar manager and department store greeter, electronic coloring book demonstrator and live voice of an ATM machine and voice-over artist for a pet rock video).

In addition to my two dozen or so movie-themed Movie Memories presentations, "We Might As Well Laugh" is a dose of good ol' stand-up comedy. 

You know, funny stories, jokes and embarrassing life experiences that are all intended to further my life theme of, "Well, there are so many things that appear to be out of our control, like the tick-tick-tick of the aging process or lackadaisical clerks and cashiers that we might as well laugh.

I had a very good time Tuesday evening (May 9) entertaining the fine folks at the Forum at Park Lane in Dallas with my "We Might As Well Laugh" routine .

Now for some big news:

Oops, it's a little premature to announce at this point because all the details are not quite worked out.  Just know this:  If you're in the San Antonio area or can be on Tuesday, May 30, you'll have a rare chance to see one of the true classics of cinematic history on the big screen in a real movie theater.

Here's a hint:  It just happens to be my favorite movie of all time, if that tells you anything.

More info on this exciting event that you can be part of coming early next week.


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