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18 November 2010

Fun with Dave on the radio

The other evening, while setting up my projector and sound equipment for a "Casablanca" Movie Memories presentation at Chambrel at Club Hill in Garland, one of the early arrivals said, "You were on the radio this morning.  You were funny.  I hope you meant to be."

Well yes, Buffalo Bob (a new Chambrel resident, and that's his actual nickname), I did mean to be.  Or, I should say, we mean to be.

Dave220 Thanks to exceedingly generous KAAM (770-AM) Morning Show host Dave Tanner, my little call-in segments, which usually air between 7:30 and 8:30 two or three mornings a week, are a blast for me.  Hopefully, they'll put a smile on listener's faces as well.

We talk about movies sometimes.  But Mr. Tanner, the witty radio voice, actor, consummate entertainer, keyboard player, and speaker (book him for your group right after you book me), likes to chat about what's in the news as well.

This morning, for instance, we quipped about Bristol Palin's uncanny staying power on "Dancing With the Stars," the guy from Vermont who destroyed his television set with a shotgun blast shortly after Palin showed off her two left feet Monday night and how, once again, I was passed over when People magazine named its Sexiest Man Alive.

Hard to believe, I know.  Not the trigger-happy Palin non-fan.  I'm talking about losing the Sexiest Man Alive contest.  Again!

Dave and I go way back.  Mr. Tanner used to entertain happy hour guests at the downtown Statler Hilton when I managed the hotel's Gatsby's Bicycle Bar in the mid-1970s.   Dave was always kind enough to perform Billy Joel's "Piano Man" when I requested it, even though it's not his favorite.  ("It sounds a little egotistical to me," Dave has said.)

So check out Dave's A.M. Show from 6-10 weekdays on KAAM.  You'll hear some great classic tunes, get a patriotic song every once in a while, benefit from Dave's quick wit and hear us banter about what's happening in the world from time to time.

When you call in to request "Piano Man," don't tell Dave I put you up to it.  And a special thanks to Jan Jordan and the residents of Chambrel at Club Hill for the friendly reception the other night.

Howdy-doody, Buffalo Bob.

Upcoming Movie Memories presentations

Now booking for the holidays and 2011.

Dec. 14:  "'It's a Wonderful Life' -- A Classic Holiday Must-see " presentation at Treemont Retirement Community, 5550 Harvest Hill Rd. Dallas, 6:30 p.m. (No admission charge)

Dec. 17 (Rescheduled date):  "'It's a Wonderful Life' -- A Classic Holiday Must-see " presentation at Town Village North Dallas, 12271 Coit Road, Dallas, 6:45 p.m. (No admission charge)

Jan. 31, 2011:  "'Casablanca' -- Hollywood's Classic Happy Accident" presentation at Plano Senior Center, 401 West 16th St. Plano.  (972-941-7155) 10 a.m. (Call for admission charge info)

Feb. 20:  "Hollywood's Great Romantic Scenes" presentation at Highland Springs, 8000 Frankford Road, Dallas, 5:30 p.m. (No admission charge)

(Have you booked a Movie Memories presentation for your group or facility yet?  Call 972-599-2150 or email moviememories@verizon.net)

(Dave Tanner photo courtesy:  DaveTannerMusic.com) 


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